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You need to know that the products you use have the quality, consistency and proven results to supply your herd with the maximum benefits. The Dairy Nutrition Plus product line provides that and so much more.

As a manufacturer, Landus Cooperative has a long-standing commitment for providing quality and consistency. We are continuously innovating to add value in a way that not only provides proven results, but provides supply chain reliability, access to the knowledge of industry experts, and tools that improve efficiency for our customers in what you do every day.

Dairy Nutrition Plus products are all backed by a stringent system of quality controls. With multiple process quality certifications, daily testing and numerous industry and peer audits each year, we are dedicated to keeping both your herd and your bottom line at their healthiest.

beyond bypass.

SoyPlus® Benefits

With SoyPlus, you have to re-formulate less often because our product is so consistent because every lot follows the same production process: ingredient checks, process monitoring, production testing and laboratory quality checks. With more than 400 different monitoring points, SoyPlus proteins consistently achieve maximum rumen bypass and 93% intestinal digestibility..lot after lot and year after year.

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leading the transition.

SoyChlor® Benefits

Reducing incidences of retained placenta, displaced abomasum, and metritis and other sub-clinical hypocalcemia symptoms can be achieved by improving a cow's blood calcium status at calving. Supplementing pre-fresh diets with a chloride product, like SoyChlor, along with essential calcium and magnesium, has been shown to provide that improvement in blood calcium levels.

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calcium light. DCAD right.

PasturChlor® Benefits

Pasture-fed herds or forage-heavy ration formulations as well as those using the the low calcium approach to DCAD management will benefit from PasturChlor's low dietary calcium, and essential supplemental magnesium.

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Knowledge is Power Comprehensive Knowledgebase.

A good dairy nutrition plan harnesses the power of academic trials and puts it to work.

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