SoyChlor Nutrition Benefits

SoyChlor® Benefits

Reducing incidences of retained placenta, displaced abomasum, metritis and other disorders that have hypocalcemia as their root cause can be achieved by improving a cow's blood calcium status at calving. Supplementing pre-fresh diets with a chloride product, like SoyChlor, which contains essential calcium and magnesium, has been shown to provide that improvement in blood calcium levels.

Provides Dietary Chloride for Metabolic Acidification of the Cow

The purpose of feeding anionic supplements and balancing Dietary Cation Anion Difference (DCAD) is to develop a state of mild, compensated metabolic acidosis in the pre-fresh cow, which will improve her calcium status at calving. This condition is characterized by pre-calving urine pH readings between 6.0 and 6.8. Such acidification of the cow can be accomplished by supplementing the diet with chloride and/or sulfate anions. Chloride has been demonstrated to be 1.6 times more potent than sulfate for acidifying the cow's blood and urine. All of the supplemental anions in SoyChlor are chloride.


The "first generation" traditional anionic supplements were noted for reducing feed intake due to poor palatability. SoyChlor has long been recognized for its acceptance by cows, either when incorporated into a grain mix, or mixed into or top-dressed onto a TMR. As the "new generation" anionic supplement, SoyChlor is manufactured using a novel, wet dissolution process. This process allows soluble chloride ions to absorb into the palatable carrier ingredients, dispersing the chloride at the molecular level. No granules or prills are present to initiate a feed rejection response.


As part of our process controls, the chloride content of SoyChlor is tested daily during production, resulting in 6-8 tests every working day. SoyChlor is also subjected to third-party analysis each week by Cumberland Valley Analytical Services. Further, a sample from every manufacturing lot is securely stored for 6 months after production, in case further analyses are ever required.

Provides Bioavailable Magnesium and Calcium

Inadequate blood magnesium can disrupt the cow's ability to maintain normal blood calcium levels, even when DCAD has been properly adjusted and the correct state of metabolic acidosis has been achieved. The supplemental magnesium and calcium in SoyChlor are in a very bioavailable form, reducing the need for other sources of supplemental magnesium and calcium.

Convenient Use for Feed Mills or Direct to Dairy

The physical properties and moderate DCAD "strength" of SoyChlor make it the supplement of choice for both feed mills and farms. Particle size and density that is similar to most other concentrate ingredients helps ensure thorough mixing and uniform distribution, without separation during handling or sorting at the feed bunk.

Contains True Protein and Avoids Detrimental NPN

The protein component of SoyChlor is high quality, real, pre-formed, usable protein for the cow. Coming from grain co-products and SoyPlus® high bypass soybean meal, the majority of protein in SoyChlor is ready for digestion without the need for assimilation into microbial protein in the rumen. The true protein in SoyChlor is especially helpful in contributing to the metabolizable protein supply in "high straw" or "controlled energy" pre-fresh diets, which may lack sufficient fermentable carbohydrate to allow rumen microbes to utilize non-protein nitrogen (NPN).

Trusted and Used by University Research Scientists

A robust bibliography of scientific articles describing research in which SoyChlor was a trusted anionic supplement in diets of pre-fresh cows can be found at The Research Center. This documented success of using SoyChlor in good DCAD management of pre-fresh cows provides assurance of satisfactory performance on the farm, time after time.

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