SoyPlus® Benefits

SoyPlus® Benefits

With SoyPlus, you have to re-formulate less often because our product is so consistent due to every lot following the same production process: ingredient checks, process monitoring, production testing and laboratory quality checks. With more than 400 different monitoring points, SoyPlus proteins consistently achieve maximum rumen bypass and 93% intestinal digestibility..lot after lot and year after year.

Intestinal Digestibility

SoyPlus is produced under a carefully controlled computer driven process that precisely monitors time and temperature of the process to ensure maximal rumen bypass of the protein while minimizing damage to the lysine of the protein. This stringent quality control gives SoyPlus bypass proteins an industry-leading digestibility of 93%.

Higher Energy and Essential Fatty Acids

Soyoil is approximately 50% linoleic acid (C: 18-2). SoyPlus is about 7% fat (DM) of which about 32% is rumen inert. This provides calories and Omega-6 fatty acids that enhance reproductive efficiency in dairy cattle, which can replace some of the tallow and rumen bypass fat that might be added separately to the ration.

Supports Rumen Microbial Growth

The rumen degradable protein in SoyPlus exists as quickly metabolized soluble protein and more slowly degraded proteins to provide a steady supply of nitrogen necessary for microbial growth. SoyPlus contains soyhulls so it has a good mix of sugars, starches, and highly digestible soluble fiber. Together, the nitrogen and energy sources drive rumen microbial growth and enhance rumen microbial digestion of the entire ration.


SoyPlus has a pleasant roasted aroma. The higher fat content contributes flavor and dust control resulting in high dry matter intake and more milk production.

All Natural

Unlike solvent extracted soybean meal, SoyPlus is made without added chemicals. It is entirely plant derived.

Research Proven

Your decision on which protein products will best supply the metabolizable protein and essential amino acids your cows need while supplying energy and supporting microbial protein production should be based on a review of controlled research data. SoyPlus has been extensively researched at major universities throughout the USA. Incorporating SoyPlus in the diet allows use of lower total protein diets to reduce feed costs while maintaining or improving milk production and components.

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