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May 2020 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Use Fatty Acid Research to Tailor Your Cows’ Rations
  • From the Maternity Pen | More on Hypocalcemia and Rumination Activity
  • Consultants Corner | Deliver Feed to Coincide with Peak Milk Synthesis
  • Beyond Bypass | Prepartum BCS Does Not Impact RPC Response
  • Happenings | Your Partner Through This

Published: 5/26/2020
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March 2020 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Four Points on Subclinical Hypocalcemia
  • From the Maternity Pen | Heat Stress Impacts Uterine Health
  • Happenings | Landus Cooperative Introduces Matt Carstens as CEO
  • Consultants Corner | Urine pH Can Predict Urinary Calcium Excretion, Too
  • Beyond Bypass | Meta-Analysis Confirms Benefits of RPC
  • Quality Corner | Total Value of SoyChlor

Published: 3/23/2020
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January 2020 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • How Much Dietary Calcium do Transition Cows Really Need?
  • From the Maternity Pen | Prepartum Nutritional Demands
  • Consultants Corner | Cost of Transition Cow Disease is More Than You Realize
  • Beyond Bypass | RPM Supplementation Decreases Culling During First 60 Days In Milk
  • Happenings | New Research Relies on SoyPlus to Deliver Ideal Protein Profile

Published: 1/23/2020
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November 2019 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Calcium Supplements May Interfere with Cows’ Homeostatic Systems
  • Happenings | Thank You from the Landus Cooperative Family
  • From the Maternity Pen | What Cows Want at Calving
  • Consultants Corner | Protein and Energy Interactions in Lactating Cow Diets
  • Beyond Bypass | New Research on Fatty Acids
  • Quality Corner | Leading Quality and Food Safety

Published: 11/22/2019
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September 2019 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Cows May Benefit From Slight Dip in Blood Calcium at Calving
  • From the Maternity Pen | Stillbirths Increase When Urine pH Below 6.0
  • Consultants Corner | Hypocalcemia Affects Rumination Activity, Too
  • Beyond Bypass | New Research on Crude Protein, Lysine in Lactating Diets
  • Quality Corner | Webinar Available Now: Post-Partum Calcium Therapies for Transition Cows

Published: 9/26/2019
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July 2019 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • How to Pick the Right Close-up Diet
  • Happenings | Webinar Helps Solve the Riddle of RUP
  • From the Maternity Pen | Create a Responsive Cow
  • Consultants Corner | Use Standard Deviation to Improve Ration Formulation
  • Beyond Bypass | New Research on AA and Milk Protein Synthesis
  • Quality Corner | Service Beyond Nutrition

Published: 7/22/2019
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May 2019 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • What We Have Learned from Feeding Less Protein
  • Happenings | NIR Instruments Add Additional Quality Testing
  • From the Maternity Pen | Early-Lactation Diet Impacts Reproductive Success
  • Consultants Corner | Understanding Blood Calcium Dynamics
  • Beyond Bypass | Improve the Nitrogen Efficiency of Lactating Cow Diets
  • Quality Corner | Consistency Looks Like This

Published: 5/20/2019
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March 2019 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • New Data on Negative DCAD Diets
  • Happenings | SoyPlus Team Receives Spirit of Excellence Award
  • From the Maternity Pen | Benefits of Colostrum Go Beyond IgG
  • Consultants Corner | Dry Period Heat Stress Affects Cows’ Granddaughters
  • Beyond Bypass | Transition Cows’ Response to RPM and RPC Differs
  • Quality Corner | True Protein Means True Value

Published: 3/22/2019
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January 2019 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Use Monitoring to Get Her Off to a Good Start
  • From the Maternity Pen | Comfy Cows Have Fewer Stillbirths
  • Consultants Corner | Amino Acids Affect Reproduction, Too
  • Beyond Bypass | New Assay Could Improve Ration Accuracy
  • Happenings | Recent Webinar Shows Misinterpreted Research May Impact Dietary Calcium Recommendations

Published: 1/22/2019
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November 2018 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Individual Fatty Acids Will Lead to More Precision Feeding
  • Happenings | Exclusive Webinar: Understanding Dietary Calcium Requirements of the Prepartum Dairy Cow
  • From the Maternity Pen | Reduce Cows’ Odds for Uterine Disease
  • Consultants Corner | Gut Health Key to Immune Function
  • Beyond Bypass | Feeding RPC Improves Liver Function
  • Quality Corner | Not All pH Test Strips Are Created Equal

Published: 11/20/2018
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September 2018 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Prepartum Negative DCAD Diets—Benefits Beyond Milk Fever
  • Happenings | USDA Secretary Perdue, IA Governor Kim Reynolds Host Farmer Roundtable at Landus Cooperative
  • From the Maternity Pen | Risk Factors for Low Colostrum Yield in Jerseys
  • Consultants Corner | DCAD Benefits Start at Urine pH of 7.5
  • Beyond Bypass | Uncovering the Health Benefits of Methionine in Dairy Cows
  • Quality Corner | True Nutrition with Heins Family Dairy

Published: 9/26/2018
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July 2018 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Four Keys to Successful Transitions
  • From the Maternity Pen | New Research on Calcium Supplements
  • Happenings | DNP Teaches Simplicity of pH Testing at Dairy Consortium
  • Consultants Corner | Evolution of Transition Cow Management
  • Beyond Bypass | Five Amino Acids Identified as Limiting
  • Quality Corner | Manufacturing Quality, from Start to Finish

Published: 7/25/2018
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May 2018 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • "Goldilocks" Diet Still Just Right for Dry Cows
  • Happenings | Landus Cooperative Hosts Soy Dairy Study
  • From the Maternity Pen | Controlled-energy Diets Can Boost IgG
  • Consultants Corner | Hypocalcemia Prevention 101
  • Beyond Bypass | More Benefits from Feeding RPM

Published: 5/23/2018
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March 2018 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Stocking Density Can Be Subclinical Stressor
  • Happenings | Market Insight for Your Operation
  • From the Maternity Pen | Get Calving Alerts
  • Consultants Corner | Cows Need Cooling During Entire Dry Period
  • Beyond Bypass | De Novo Fatty Acids May Indicate Rumen Health
  • Quality Corner | DCAD Is Not One Size Fits All

Published: 4/18/2018
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January 2018 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • New Research Highlights Alternative Forage Options
  • Happenings | SoyPlus Salutes Randy Daniel
  • From the Maternity Pen | RPC Benefits Transition Cows and Their Calves
  • Consultants Corner | Feed Her Immune System
  • Beyond Bypass | Feeding Palmitic Acid Boosts Mid-lactation Performance
  • Quality Corner | SoyPlus and SoyChlor Announce Promotions

Published: 1/18/2018
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November 2017 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Understanding New Research on Subclinical Hypocalcemia
  • From the Maternity Pen | Body Weight Loss Is Intrinsic Trait
  • Happenings | The Cooperative That Ties It All Together
  • Consultants Corner | Inflammation and Immunity in Transition Cows
  • Beyond Bypass | Make Shoulder Silage as Good as the Center
  • Quality Corner | Fully Absorbed Chloride Makes a Big Difference

Published: 11/27/2017
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September 2017 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Zeroing in on Subclinical Hypocalcemia
  • From the Maternity Pen | Gestation Length Impacts Both Dam and Calf
  • Win Yeti® Gear at WDX Booth EH1911
  • Happenings | SoyChlor Consistency Is Undefeated
  • Consultants Corner | Methionine and Choline Improve Immune Response
  • Beyond Bypass | New Frontiers in Amino Acid Research
  • Quality Corner | True Nutrition with Benitz Dairy

Published: 9/26/2017
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July 2017 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Great Rations Don't Come From Software Alone
  • Happenings | The Ideal Protein
  • From the Maternity Pen | First-Calf Heifers Need Special Care
  • Consultants Corner | Precision Dairy Farming: Is It Right for You?
  • Beyond Bypass | New Insights Into uNDF and aNDF
  • Quality Corner | New Videos Highlight Homegrown Quality

Published: 7/26/2017
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May 2017 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Improving Liver Function Can Lead to Better Transitions
  • Happenings | AcreEdge Soybeans Ensure Quality
  • From the Maternity Pen | The Cost of Common Transition Cow Problems
  • Consultants Corner | The Facts About Choline and Methionine for Transition Cows
  • Beyond Bypass | Early-Lactation Cows Need More Potassium
  • Quality Corner | Meet Snider Farms

Published: 5/24/2017
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March 2017 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Use Nutrition to Combat Heat Stress
  • From the Maternity Pen | It Pays to Cool Dry Cows
  • Consultants Corner | You Can Prevent Hyperketonemia
  • Beyond Bypass | DCAD's Effect on the Rumen Environment
  • Happenings | Partnership Ensures High-Quality Products Worldwide
  • Quality Corner | Receive SoyPlus RUP Testing Data Today

Published: 3/16/2017
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January 2017 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Improve Transition Cow Health
  • Consultants Corner | Lessons Learned from High Producing Herds
  • From the Maternity Pen | Timing is Everything with Assisted Calvings
  • Beyond Bypass | Floury Kernel Genetics Show Promise
  • Happenings | SoyPlus® Manufacturer Committed to Meeting Global Demand for Consistent Bypass
  • Quality Corner | Dr. Jesse Goff Does the Math: Adding SoyChlor® Means More Milk

Published: 1/19/2017
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November 2016 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Use New Forage Tests To Build Better Rations
  • Consultants Corner | Six Tips to Improve Feeding Accuracy
  • Beyond Bypass | Corn Silage Treatment Shows Promise
  • South African Feed Supplier Switches to SoyChlor After Trial
  • From the Maternity Pen | Use Nutrition to Support Her Immune System
  • Testimonial | SoyChlor Makes Life Easier at this Idaho Dairy

Published: 11/16/2016
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September 2016 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Protein and Amino Acid Requirements for Close-up Dry Cows
  • Beyond Bypass | Histidine is Limiting Amino Acid
  • Testimonial | Meet Godfrey Dairy
  • Consultants Corner | Top 10 List for Healthy, Productive Transition Cows
  • From the Maternity Pen | App Designed to Improve Maternity Outcomes, Records
  • Seven Tips to Streamline DCAD Management for Pre-Fresh Cows

Published: 9/16/2016
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July 2016 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Transition Cows Key to More Milk, Better Repro
  • From the Maternity Pen | Three Ways to Improve Maternity Outcomes
  • Consultants Corner | Use Sucrose, Lactose to Increase Energy in the Diet
  • Beyond Bypass | Valine Shows Promise to Boost Milk Production
  • Happenings | Dairy Nutrition Plus Team Offers Extensive Knowledge
  • Quality Corner | SoyChlor Process Delivers Consistency Dairy Producers Rely On

Published: 7/20/2016
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May 2016 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Negative DCAD is Best Way to Minimize Hypocalcemia
  • From the Maternity Pen | Consider Feeding Rumen Protected Choline
  • Consultants Corner | Get the Most Out of Long-Day Lighting
  • Beyond Bypass | Forage Testing Pays
  • Happenings | SoyPlus® Expansion On Track for Fall 2016 Production
  • Quality Corner | Successful Lactations Start with SoyChlor

Published: 5/18/2016
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March 2016 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Take Advantage of Nutrition Technology
  • From the Maternity Pen | Rumination Monitoring Can Help Improve Transition Cow Health
  • Consultants Corner | You Can Effectively Cool Cows with Less Water
  • Beyond Bypass | KetoMonitor Provides Herd Insight
  • Happenings | West Central® to Become Landus Cooperative™
  • Quality Corner | Magnesium Plays Vital Role in DCAD Management

Published: 3/17/2016
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January 2016 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Make Plans Now to Cool Dry Cows This Summer
  • From the Maternity Pen | Cooling Dry Cows Yields More Productive Heifers
  • Happenings | SoyPlus® Expansion On Track
  • Beyond Bypass | Feeding Higher Fat Soybean Meal Pays
  • Consultants Corner | Don't Let Your Management Sabotage DMI
  • Quality Corner | A Look Inside the Dairy Nutrition Plus Product Line
  • New Insights on Nutrition and Feeding Post-Weaned Dairy Heifers

Published: 1/19/2016
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November 2015 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Is Too Much Overstocking Costing You Money?
  • From the Maternity Pen | Is Your Maternity Pen Sized Correctly?
  • Happenings | Kick Off Your DCAD Program with Free pH Test Kit
  • Beyond Bypass | Amino Acid Balancing Pays
  • Consultants Corner | How to Investigate Transition Cow Problems
  • Updates to CNCPS Improve Accuracy of Feed Library

Published: 11/13/2015
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September 2015 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Use partial DCAD to get her off to a good start
  • From the Maternity Pen | Create a Comfortable Environment for Transition Cows
  • Happenings | Brandon Finke Named Regional Manager for West Central
  • Beyond Bypass | Tailor Ration Starch to Lactation Cycle for Better Results
  • Consultants Corner | Conduct a TMR Checkup
  • DCAD helps this dairy achieve High Standards, Low Disease
  • Dairy Sustainability - Using the Real Facts
  • New SoyChlor, SoyPlus Product Packaging Unveiled

Published: 9/18/2015
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July 2015 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Corn Silage: Maximizing A Dairy Nutrition Staple
  • From the Maternity Pen | The Role of Choline in Transition Rations
  • SoyPlus® Manufacturer Announces $27 Million Plant Expansion
  • Consultants Corner | Getting More Mileage from Silage
  • Beyond Bypass | Oxygen Barrier Film Reduces Surface Spoilage
  • SoyPlus®, SoyChlor® Get New Look

Published: 7/28/2015
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March 2014 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Precision Dairy Technologies — Progress and Pitfalls
  • Consultant's Corner | Launching Successful Lacations With DCAD
  • Beyond Bypass | How Mobile Technology is Changing Dairy
  • From the Maternity Pen | What Cows Prefer in Maternity Pens
  • Quality Corner | SoyPlus and SoyChlor in Recent Transition Cow Research
  • Happenings | Tell Us What You Think!

Published: 3/1/2014
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December 2013 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • DCAD Developments in Prepartum Dairy Rations
  • SoyChlor® Helps Reach DCAD Targets
  • Launching Successful Lacations With DCAD
  • Beyond Bypass | Using Liquid Feeds and Sugars
  • From the Maternity Pen | Strategies to Improve Colostrum Yield
  • Quality Corner | What's Your Pre-Partum Calcium Status?
  • Happenings

Published: 12/1/2013
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July 2013 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Successfully Incorporating Non-Forage Fiber Sources Into Dairy Rations
  • Consultant's Corner | Helping Herds Utilize NFFS
  • From the Maternity Pen | Hypocalcemia: Recent Findings, Modern Approaches
  • Beyond Bypass | How Nutrition and Metabolism Affect Dairy Cow Fertility
  • Quality Corner | Non-Forage Fiber Sources Contribute More Than Fiber
  • Happenings | West Central Stays Current on Dairy Nutrition

Published: 7/1/2013
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April 2013 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Genomics: A Growing Dairy Production Tool
  • Consultant's Corner: Advising Herds on Heifer Strategies
  • From the Maternity Pen: Dry Cow Diet Impacts Calf Health and Performance
  • Beyond Bypass: What Type of Corn Hybrids Makes the Best Silage?
  • Quality Corner: PrePartum
  • Energy Supply May Affect More Than Energy Supply
  • Happenings: New Product Websites Coming Soon

Published: 4/1/2013
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January 2013 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • How Will We Feed Cows in the Future?
  • Consultant's Corner: Navigating New Waters to Deliver Nutrients
  • From the Maternity Pen: Records Enhance Transition-Cow Management
  • Beyond Bypass: Feed Efficiency is a Dairy Tool, Too
  • Quality Corner: Is Your Approach to DCAD Working?
  • Happenings: Find us on YouTube!

Published: 1/1/2013
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October 2012 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Robotic Milking Rewrites The Nutritional Playbook
  • Consultant's Corner: Lessons From Feeding Cows In Robotic Systems
  • From the Maternity Pen: Is Lameness A Transition Cow Disease?
  • Beyond Bypass: Keys To Amino Acid Balancing
  • Quality Corner: Rumen Protected (RP) Lysine Products for Balancing Amino Acids
  • Happenings

Published: 10/1/2012
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September 2012 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Pasture-based Dairying is a Viable Option
  • PastureChlor™ Promotes Pasture-based Health
  • Consultant's Corner: The Unique Characterisitics of Pasture-based Dairying
  • From the Maternity Pen: Healthy Transitions Require Attention
  • Beyond Bypass: Mycotoxins Cause Disease, Impair Performance
  • Quality Corner
  • Happenings

Published: 9/1/2012
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July 2012 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Pasture-based possibilities.
  • Tips for pasture-based dairying.
  • Transition health and reproduction.
  • Managing mycotoxins.

Published: 7/1/2012
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May 2012 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Starch
  • Consultant's Corner: Monitoring Prolamins and Starch to Anticpate Versus React
  • From the Maternity Pen: Feeding for Optimal Mammary Development
  • Beyond Bypass: Cow Behavior Can Predict Disease
  • Quality Corner: Grouping Strategy Affects Application of Prepartum Anionic Diets
  • Happenings: 360 Feeds® Receives Achievement and Growth Award

Published: 5/1/2012
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April 2012 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • The secrets of starch.
  • Stepping up starch specifics.
  • Nutrition and mammary gland development.
  • Animal behavior and disease diagnostics.

Published: 4/1/2012
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January 2012 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Advancements in Successful Consulting Requires Time, Commitment
  • Consultant's Corner: Setting Yourself Apart in a Competitive Field
  • Quality Corner: Grouping Strategy Affects Application of Prepartum Anionic Diets
  • Beyond Bypass: Measuring Dairy Feed Efficiency
  • From the Maternity Pen: Managing Transition Cows For Success

Published: 1/1/2012
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October 2011 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Advancements in Fine-Tuning Fiber Consultant's Corner:
  • Highly Digestible Fiber also can be Highly Valuable From the Maternity Pen:
  • Numerous Factors Contribute to Transition-cow Health Beyond Bypass:
  • Feeding Low-starch Diets:
  • Insights Quality Corner: Bypass Protein Sources for Low Starch Diets
  • Happenings: SoyPlus and SoyChlor Production Facilities Receive HAACP Certification

Published: 10/1/2011
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July 2011 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Lactation and Reproduction: The Great Balancing Act
  • Consultant's Corner: Efficient Milk Production Reproduction Can Coexist
  • From the Maternity Pen: Cow and Calf Health Impacted by Trace Minerals
  • Beyond Bypass: Feeding Strategies to Reduce Manure Output
  • Quality Corner: Correct Prepartum DCAD Improves Postpartum Performance
  • Happenings: College Students Spending 12 Weeks at West Central

Published: 7/1/2011
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April 2011 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Consumption and Consistency: Keys to Success
  • Consultant's Corner: Cows Should "Eat Healthy," Too
  • From the Maternity Pen: Standard Dry Periods May Not Be Neccessary for All Cows
  • Beyond Bypass: Controlling Dietary Induces Milk Fat Depression
  • Quality Corner: Consistency Requires a Focused Effort
  • Happenings

Published: 4/1/2011
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November 2010 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Cow Comfort: Can We Do Better?
  • Consultant's Corner: The Cows Tells Us Everything We Need to Know
  • From the Maternity Pen: Metabolic Profiling Provides Window to FreshCow Performance
  • Beyond Bypass: Rumen Temperature May Help Screen for SARA
  • Quality Corner: Ensuring Consistency in SoyPlus
  • Happenings

Published: 11/1/2010
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July 2010 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Exploring Essential Oils in Dairy Rations
  • Consultant's Corner: How Essential Oils Can Fit Into U.S. Dairy Rations
  • From the Maternity Pen: A Herd's Future Is In Its Calves
  • Beyond Bypass: Make the Most of Manure
  • Quality Corner: Dietary Protein Supply and Nitrogen Efficiency
  • Happenings

Published: 7/1/2010
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March 2010 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Nutrient Values Eliminate Guesswork
  • Consultant's Corner: A Nutrition Toolbox Essential
  • From the Maternity Pen: Five Key Transition Cow Factors
  • Happenings: Revamped Web site
  • Beyond Bypass: Feeding Micronutrients Could Accelerate Return to Fertility
  • Quality Corner: Bringing Ration Ingredient Savings to the Customer

Published: 3/1/2010
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September 2009 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • The Environmental Impact of Modern Dairy Production
  • Consultant's Corner: Communicating our case
  • From the Maternity Pen: Colostrum management tips
  • Beyond Bypass: Cows tell the story of heat stress
  • Quality Corner: Introducing Tim Brown, New Director of Technical Support

Published: 9/1/2009
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July 2009 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Glycerol: A New Source of Alernative Energy
  • Consultant's Corner: Factors for Feeding Glycerol
  • From the Maternity Pen: Rethinking Energy for Dry Cows
  • Beyond Bypass: Managing Nutrient Variation
  • Quality Corner

Published: 7/1/2009
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January 2009 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Water: The Most Important Dairy Nutrient
  • Consultant's Corner: Water is a Consideration for Every Dairy
  • West Central Happenings
  • Beyond Bypass: Lying Behavior Affects Cow Health and Productivity
  • From the Maternity Pen: Balancing for DCAD Improves Value of Corn Silage

Published: 1/1/2009
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September 2008 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Nutrition and Reproduction: New Insights
  • Consultant's Corner: Rescuing Reproduction
  • Maternity Pen: Curbing dystocia deaths
  • Beyond Bypass: Mycotoxin Damage Control
  • Quality Corner
  • Happenings: West Central Celebrates 75 Years

Published: 9/1/2008
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October 2007 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • How varying levels of urea supplementation to corn-silage-based rations affects ruminal ammonia concentration and microbial protein synthesis
  • Consultant's Corner: Rumen undegraded protein supplement evaluation trial.
  • Beyond Bypass: How changes in feeding procedures can influence feed intake.
  • Quality Corner

Published: 10/1/2007
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August 2007 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Utilizing Mun Data Promotes Efficiency, Environmental Responsibility SoyPlus Supports Efficient Protein Utilization
  • Consultant's Corner: Mun Values Can Tip Off Subtle Changes
  • From the Maternity Pen: Introducing the Transition Index
  • Happenings: Nearly 500 Attend Membership Meeting
  • Beyond Bypass: Forage Bypass Protein Can Vary Greatly
  • Quality Corner

Published: 8/1/2007
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May 2007 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Byproduct Boom: Avoid Nutritional Bust
  • Consultant's Corner: Monitor Distiller's Inputs With Care
  • Quality Corner
  • West Central Happenings
  • Beyond Bypass: Bypass Protein 101
  • From the Maternity Pen: Colostrum Pasteurization Shows Promise

Published: 5/1/2007
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February 2007 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Manure happens. Here’s how to assess it
  • Consultant's Corner: Start looking down at what cows are sayings
  • From the Maternity Pen: Feeding strategy for short dry periods
  • Beyond Bypass: Which bypass method protects best?
  • West Central Happenings: Dr. Jesse Goff to Head West Central Research

Published: 2/1/2007
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October 2006 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Are dairies still steaming over losses from the heat this summer? Here's how to begin preparing them for hot-weather feeding next season.
  • From the Maternity Pen: Economic Return to Cooling Closeup Cows
  • Consultant's Corner: Shifting Dairies Into Heat-stress Feeding Mode
  • West Central Happenings: Gold Standard Again
  • Beyond Bypass: The latest updated version of CPM Dairy has hit the streets. Here's how it's improved, plus how it affects your SoyPlus calculations.

Published: 10/1/2006
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July 2006 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • When the detective work begins next winter regarding the forages going into silos now, what tools will best help you troubleshoot?
  • Fermentation Profiles •Consultant's Corner: Tips to separate the really ugly silage jobs from the not so ugly, from one of the subject’s top consultants
  • Beyond Bypass: What we know — and what we still don’t know — about the hydrates in complexities of carbohydrates in rations
  • From the Maternity Pen: Start rations with low DCAD forages
  • Quality Corner: Why NDF values are sometimes reported with sulfite and sometimes without
  • West Central Happenings: Annual meeting a success

Published: 7/1/2006
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May 2006 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Using cow behavior to manage transition
  • Two rows or three?
  • From the Maternity Pen: New reviews: Don't neglect magnesium
  • West Central Happenings: West Central to host 73rd annual membership meeting 8Consultant's Corner: Ask the cows. They'll tell you
  • Beyond Bypass: The next step in AA-based formulation
  • Quality Corner: How do you independently confirm SoyPlus® quality control?

Published: 5/1/2006
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February 2006 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Look further out to solve transition ration failures
  • Consultant's Corner: Time to go beyond patching
  • Beyond Bypass: Importance of Histidine
  • Quality Corner: How are SoyChlor feed ingredients chosen?
  • From The Maternity Pen: Don't oversupply phosphorus for closeup cows
  • West Central Happenings: West Central honored for communications efforts

Published: 2/1/2006
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November 2005 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Current issues in heifer growth
  • Consultant's Corner: Heifer technology
  • Beyond Bypass: SoyPlus and heifer growth
  • Quality Corner: Typical SoyPlus urease value?
  • From The Maternity Pen: Dry cow light manipulation
  • West Central Happenings: West Central donates biodiesel for hurricane cleanup

Published: 11/1/2005
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July 2005 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Where's the value in added lecithin?
  • Consultant's Corner: Lecithin lexicon lesson West Central
  • Happenings From The Maternity Pen: Transition sodium and potassium remain complex
  • Beyond Bypass: A little moderation in methionine goes a long way
  • Quality Corner: How does West Central maintain its high level of chloride consistency?

Published: 7/1/2005
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May 2005 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Simple, accurate urine ph monitoring
  • Consultant's Corner: Making urine testing work
  • West Central Happenings: SoyMor biodesel plant construction update
  • From The Maturnity Pen: Tweaking DCAD to accommodate magnesium and calcium
  • Beyond Bypass: Superior in-plant manufacturing controls
  • Quality Corner: Is the product from the new SoyChlor® plant in Jefferson different from that made in Adair?

Published: 5/1/2005
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February 2005 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Ration fatty acid implications have grown as complex as protein formulation. Consider these points to avoid butterfat issues.
  • One dairy consultant’s advice: Don’t forget the basics when helping clients with butterfat depression.
  • New SoyChlor facility opening
  • Dependable bypass protein, without the fat penalties

Published: 2/1/2005
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October 2004 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • Evaluating bypass protein options? Consider these pros and cons of the common sources.
  • SoyPlus® gives you a fat source for client rations without the worries that accompany “treated” bypass soybean meals and animal byproducts.

Published: 10/1/2004
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September 2004 Nutrition Plus Newsletter
  • New research demonstrates the surprising extent of subclinical hypocalcemia.
  • One dairy consultant’s advice: DCAD programs are as diverse as client dairies. Making them a success requires making them manageable.
  • Too much crude protein for transition cows…more than just wasteful?
  • Don’t lose sight of the importance of good microbial protein.

Published: 9/1/2004
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