West Central Commits To Cornell University Dairy Nutrition Program


RALSTON, Iowa, (May 10, 2015) – West Central® Cooperative, manufacturer of the Dairy Nutrition Plus family of quality products, recently committed $50,000 to Cornell University’s Dairy Nutrition and Environmental Modeling faculty position. 


West Central made a five-year commitment in partnership with the Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance (NEAFA)’s fundraising efforts.  


“West Central has a long-standing relationship with the academic community and we are proud to support continued dairy nutrition research,” said Mark Cullen, executive vice president of animal nutrition at West Central. “Like many in the industry, our customers rely on the expertise, insight and academic advancement to improve efficiency and productivity of their operations and overall herd health.” 


The Dairy Nutrition and Environmental Modeling faculty will utilize this funding to continue research into dairy cattle’s use of nutrients. The main areas of focus include integration of the efficiency of nutrient use with nutritional modeling, researching the nutritional influence on milk components and integrating a forage/crop and feeding system at the farm level.  The faculty members will also provide regional focus for the extension program. 



West Central, a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Ralston, Iowa, produces the Dairy Nutrition Plus line of feed ingredients, which includes SoyPlus®, SoyChlor® and PasturChlor®. Renowned for quality and consistent formulations, these products are key components in dairy nutrition plans around the globe. For more information on West Central or the Dairy Nutrition Plus line of products, log on to www.DairyNutritionPlus.com, call 712.667.3200 or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter (@dairynutrplus), LinkedIn or YouTube.

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